What is the name for helping orphans find foster parents?

Answer I am pretty sure it is a social worker.

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Is adoption the only solution to helping orphans in orphanages?

A friend of mine is active with this group:…It's an orphanage in Cambodia that doesn't do adoptions. At least they say that they're committed to the childr... Read More »

You are a foster parent you are in Michigan a foster parent support group looking for a adult foster child to come and share their story with about 200 other children and foster parents.please help us?

Your question is unclear to me. However, I will let you know about me.I was a foster child, along with my 4 siblings, as our mother died when i was 3. I/we were raised in foster homes until we each... Read More »

What happens to foster parents who physically abuse their foster kids?

What orphans feel on their biological parents who abandoned them?

Many are curious, some are sad and feel something is missing, others are not. There is not one way they all feel and a lot is based on how their life turned out after they were given up. It also de... Read More »