What is the name for having a coat of arms?

Answer The name used for having a coat of arms is called the "Blazon of Arms"; blazon is the science of heraldry. A coat of arms consists of several parts, usually the shield, the helm, the wreath, the c... Read More »

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How to Create Your Own Coat of Arms?

Very often people who are interested in genealogy will do intense searches to fill in their family tree. Many of them are interested in creating a Coat of Arms.

What is France's coat of arms?

Although it is not legally an official coat of arms, France's current national emblem has been the country's official symbol since 1953. It contains a wide shield with a lion head on one side and a... Read More »

What is the helm on a coat of arms?

The helm on a coat of arms is a helmet. It may vary in appearance according to personal taste, military or social rank and the year in which the coat of arms was developed. The helm may not appear ... Read More »

What is a coat of arms called?

A coat of arms may also be called a shield of arms or family crest. Coats of arms are designed to identify one's family or profession, and were originally used to identify soldiers in battle. The m... Read More »