If you eat meat, does that mean you are a bad person?

Answer That was rude of her to say....I do think that the girl need to check her button at the door when she shows up to work serving all us uncaring people our sausage biscuits, hamburgers, chicken nugge... Read More »

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If a person eats fish but not meat are they technically a vegetarian?

Fish is meat and your friend is not a vegetarian. I got into an argument today with someone who said they ate meat sometimes but they are still a vegan. I think people just like to hear themselves ... Read More »

What are your views on people that dont eat meat but still eat fish products?

Personally I don't eat fish. But everyone is entitled to make their own decision. As long as they don't go around calling themselves vegetarian I'm fine with it.

What can I eat in USA if I don't eat any other meat except chicken?

Do you eat fish or shellfish? If you dont eat any other meat than chicken, then just eat chicken. Most of the major chains and better restaurants are at least somewhat sensitive to dietary restrict... Read More »

What do you call someone who does not eat meat but eats fish?