What is the name for a birth doctor?

Answer A delivery doctor and the doctor who usually provides prenatal care is called an obstetrician.

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What of the name of a doctor who helps a paitent give birth?

The two more commonly used people to deliver a baby are: obstetrician and midwife. Both are trained in the delivery of babies, the approaches they use are different. Obstetricians are trained to de... Read More »

What information do you need to know about the illegal immigrant in order to report them birth date birth place name last name?

Answer I have reported illegal immigrant and was asked for the person's first/last name, birthdate, and address and any other information that would be helpful.

What type of doctor helps women give birth in hospital?

obgynYes, an obgyn (obstetrician/gynecologist) is the one who will "deliver" your baby. However, he doesn't HELP you give birth,as in he doesn't stay with you throughout labor and give you emotiona... Read More »

Does the father have to be there at birth for his name to be on the birth certificate?

No. The parents supply the information that will comprise the birth record. The father can sign it even if he wasn't present at the birth.