What is the scientific name for the American wild turkey?

Answer The American wild turkey belongs to the family Phasianidae, a group that also contains partridges, grouses and quails. Its scientific name is Meleagris gallopavo. According to the Cornell Lab of Or... Read More »

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What was the name of the kids cartoon with the baby monsters that had Baby Frankenstein in it?

What is the scientific name for the bacteria found in some turkey that causes food poisoning?

Two types of bacteria, Salmonella Typhimurium and Clostridium Perfringens, may be present in poorly handled or incorrectly prepared turkey. They can cause food poisoning if turkey tainted with eith... Read More »

What do you put on your turkey sandwich, besides turkey?

mayo lettuce and tomato. Old fashioned and simple i guess but I love it

What size turkey roasting pan do you need for a 24 lb. turkey?

A pan large enough to cook a 24-pound turkey should be 21 inches in length, 14 inches in width and have a height of 8 and a half inches. When purchasing a turkey roaster, many roasters will give y... Read More »