What is the name brand for ketchup?

Answer The name brand is Heinz tomato ketchup

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Do you care if your clothes are name brand or say, Walmart brand?

I love Walmart clothes!! And also clothes from Fred Meyer. It's so ridiculous to buy name brand clothes that are way too expensive and get worn out, just like everything else.

The condiment "KETCHUP" where did the name come from?

The most popular theory is that the word ketchup was derived from "koe-chiap" or "ke-tsiap" in the Amoy dialect of China, where it meant the brine of pickled fish or shellfish. Some people prefer t... Read More »

Is brand name paint sold at Wal-Mart have the same ingredients as brand name sold in independent stores Or do they change the ingredients for independent stores?

it really isn't a matter of what the majority of people say is a good job to have, but instead what it is you personally enjoy to do.

What is a good brand name TV?

The Samsung LN-T3242H is a good choice, one of the few available in your price range oif $900. It's a 32" LCD HDTV. Anything bigger, or plasma, is going to cost over $1100.It has outstanding pictur... Read More »