What is the my user name and password?

Answer ? More info please. If your asking what i think, username is what will show up on your login screen. Password is used to prorect your account so only YOU have access.

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How to Change a User Password in SQL?

Structured Query Language (SQL) provides database developers with the commands required to edit data objects. The language also includes a command to change the user password on the database server... Read More »

How to Change the User Password on IRC?

Internet relay chat (IRC) is a type of real-time chat service available on line. To connect to IRC you can use a IRC chat program. The IRC protocol network is divided into different servers, which ... Read More »

How do I change a user password in SQL?

Change SQL PasswordOpen the SQL server console manager by clicking on "Start" and locating it under "All Programs." Click on "New Query" and input:alter login with password = '';Ensure that "" is ... Read More »

How do i change an xp user password?

Changing XP PasswordsConfirm that you are an Administrator (or that you are changing your own password). Open the Control Panel and select "User Accounts." Select the "Users" tab, then the user who... Read More »