What is the music on d-day to Berlin by the BBC?

Answer One of the musical scores is composed by Arvo Pärt. The other one I don't know.

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Are there parks to see in Berlin?

There are plenty of great parks, such as Teirgarten and Volkspark Friedrichshein which are fairly central. Also there is a huge park / forest in the west of the city called Grunewald. All the parks... Read More »

What Is the Berlin Blockade?

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What is the name of a Berlin nightclub? is a website designed to find out what college events are going on. Its actually pretty cool... I actually came across it on Facebook (

When was the Berlin Blockade?

The Berlin Blockade began June 24, 1948, when Soviet forces blocked all land access to West Berlin, an Allied-controlled area located 100 miles inside the Soviet-controlled sector of occupied Germa... Read More »