What is the music in the samsung lcd tv advert?

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What is the music for the bbc advert. it is the once for the Original Drama advert with Birdsong etc on?

If you are talking about the one set in modern day, here are some of them: Sherlock Holmes - Benedict Cumberbatch John Watson - Martin Freeman Mycroft Holmes - Mark Gatiss Jim Moriarty - Andrew ... Read More »

What is the song from the NV series samsung camera advert?

Apparently its from a swedish singer called Scelia Nyquist, and they just created that piece soley for the advert, so its not a full song, just a little clip,

What is music from BBC hd advert?

"I wont kneel" by Groove ArmadaSee link for BBC TV Ad music list..

What's the music in this advert?

Outlands by Daft Punk…Listen around 2:00