What is the music copyrighting process?

Answer Music copyrighting is an important process in protecting the rights of songwriters to their songs. With a copyright, only the creator or person assigned the right may reproduce, distribute or produ... Read More »

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What is music copyrighting?

Music copyrights keep people from stealing the melodies of songs such as "Billie Jean" or "Imagine" and using them in their own songs. It is an important law in maintaining the integrity of musical... Read More »

Where can I get an application for copyrighting a poem?

Paper applications for copyrighting a poem can be printed from the United States Copyright Office website. It is less expensive for poets to submit copyright applications electronically through the... Read More »

Can I do a lip sync video without copyrighting?

this should help you:…

What things does cpu process in games that an Nvidia Fermi card(gtx480) cannot process?

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