Does a mucous plug look like Clear and whitish yellow strands of mucous?

Answer Answer It can. It looks more like nasal discharge when you have a cold. But can be pinkish as well if tniged with blood. If there's a lot of blood, my recommendation (in my non-professional opinion... Read More »

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What is a mucous plug?

AnswerMy mucus (or mucous) plug I expected to be a sort of clump but it wasn't. it was brownish blood and only a very small amount. I lost it while in hospital and the midwife informed me that this... Read More »

What happens when you lose your mucous plug?

when do you go into labor after you loose your plug

What is the cause of dark, bloody mucous in a dog's stool?

In most cases, dark, bloody mucous (melena) occurs in a dog's stool when internal bleeding begins in the animal's stomach or small intestines, and that blood is partially digested before it passes ... Read More »

What is membrane conductivity?

Membrane conductivity, or conductance, is a term that scientists use to describe the number of ions that can cross a membrane. Membranes with higher conductivities are more permeable to ions and al... Read More »