Who is the actor in the direct tv commercials opposite ed begley jr who talks exactly like sledge hammer david rasche?

Answer That's Christina Aguliera

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What is the mans name in the woman in black?

How does a pregnant woman avoid getting swollen ankles?

Answer unfortunatley most women get this. Try keeping your legs elevated as much as possible. Drink plenty of water and try not to be on your feet for hours on end.

Can a woman understand if a mans pre-ejaculate fluid comes out?

Neither the man or the woman can feel it. It's just a drop.

Can a woman do anything to banish a mans legal right to a child before it is born in the state of Iowa?

Answer You should be able to ask the judge who presided over the divorce, or if there is a caseworker assigned to the family, that would be a better place to start. More Opinions A sixteen-year-o... Read More »