What is this 'Twilight' thing I keep hearing about A movie, a cult show, what Whats the attraction?

Answer it's a book series that turned into a movie.

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What was the Twilight Zone episode about a stopwatch?

It was called "A kind of a Stopwatch". It was the 4th show of season 5, Episode #124. Original air date was October 18, 1963.

What episode of the Twilight Zone was about autism?

[Was it] "Nightmare as a Child" ~ see related link below .

How was Twilight the Movie?

the movie was horrible.The book is way better.The movie does not give you much imaginations.Book lets you think the way you want

What website did bella from twilight go to about the cold one?

Bella used Google to search for vampires.She used Google and then Thunderbird and Whale website from Google. The websites were created for the movie only and do not actually existThis is what she w... Read More »