How to Have Hair Like Demi Moore?

Answer Whether she's sporting a bald head for "GI Jane" or long, luscious locks for "Charlie's Angels," Demi Moore knows how to pull off a killer hairstyle. Her hair is always glossy and simply styled, ye... Read More »

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IF you think that Demi Lovato has wayyy more talent than Miley Cyrus.. Star this question!?

****************************************…that miley is this terrible role-model for all her younger kid fans, she can't sing and cannot act either and "7 Things" give the message off to little ki... Read More »

What did my friend mean when she said "You have a movie star nose." What do movie star noses look like?

I think she meant, your nose is perfect. Because actresses (movie stars) are perfect, perfect hair, nose, eyes, lips. :)

Star this if you think that Michael Jackson is Dead LOL needs jesus!?

He's just begging for attention and we need not to give it to him!

Michael Jackson dead (at least it seems that way). Is this another talented star murdered by prescription..?

You are so right and many people not famous at all.I have lost about 6 people to the same thing' you just didn"t hear of it as they were just regular hard working folks like us.Sad indeed.