About Mystic Tan?

Answer Mystic Tan is a fast, simple way to get a dark tan in mere minutes. The Mystic Tan name is synonymous with self-tanning across the globe. Lifelong tanners appreciate the gorgeous, dark pigment they... Read More »

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What do you think about the movie Vertigo bumping off Citizen Cane as the number one movie ever?

I do think Citizen Kane is a great movie, but I much prefer Vertigo. It's one of my favourite movies of all time. I think it's quite honourable to see it get such a critical position, but my view i... Read More »

What river is the western tributary of the Pearl River in southern China?

Located in southern China, the Xijiang River is the western tributary of the Pearl River. The other tributaries of the Pearl are the Dongjiang River and Beijiang River to the east and north, respe... Read More »

What makes up a river and where does a river end up?

What is the value of mystic topaz?

According to All About Topaz, the value of mystic topaz varies depending on its color. Blue mystic topaz costs around $25 a carat, while the rarer pink topaz costs $3,500 a carat. The price also va... Read More »