Hotel Transylvania Movie, Meaning of Zing !?

Answer "You are my 'zing'" means that jonny is mavis's love, and vise versa.That means that they are in love, and they have that "spark". I thought it was a cute movie, but a little odd that they referred... Read More »

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Tokio Hotel Family: Bill played in a movie?

OMG thanks for all the information about Bill! i never knew alot of that stuff. He doesn't like chocolate? :( I never knew that Bill spoke French! Where did you get all this stuff about him from? ... Read More »

In What hotel wizards of Waverly place the movie was shot?

The Hilton in san juan,Puerto Rico. The Hilton there is beautiful outside of the Hilton not so much.

What is the unemployment rate of Rwanda?

As of 2010, no reliable statistics exist on Rwanda's unemployment rate, according to the Central Intelligence Agency. However, Rwanda tends not to have a problem with unemployment, with the latest ... Read More »

What should the US Foreign Policy be toward Rwanda?

because of trade comes from democrafic countries