Which movie is better sin city or watchmen?

Answer Sin City by a very wide margin.

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Who else agrees that the Watchmen sucked?

i definitely agree. First off for those comic nerds out there, this was supposed to be a movie not a comic book. it is not an extension of the the graphic novel it was based on. it is a MOVIE and a... Read More »

How to Make "Watchmen" Costumes?

"Watchmen," a graphic novel turned major motion picture, is about a gang of superheroes living in 1980s New York. It has spawned an entire line of costumes for Halloween, comic book conventions and... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between Watchmen & Guards?

The difference between a watchman and a guard is largely semantic. The two terms can be used interchangeably, but there are some connotative differences implicating the use of force between the two... Read More »

Is there much difference in the American bluray of Watchmen and the british bluray?

No,very much alive;he merely retired from Moodies.Has gout I believe.He suffered from health problems for a number of years and found managing it difficult while on tour (the band have an extensive... Read More »