What the name of this movie is its on dish network horror movies...its about the seven deadly sins and there are a few guys and one girl and they get to intived to a party and they enter a big house?

Answer At this time, DISH Network does not offer Netflix as part of your services or package. Netflix does or would require a separate subscription with their company.

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My daughter weighs 65 pounds ( about 4 stones 10 pounds) and she is 6. Should I be worried?

She is at a fine weight. Remember that she needs regular exercise and healthy meals in healthy portions. That is your job.

Is an 8-year-old girl supposed to weigh 80 pounds?

It is not possible to answer your question without a little more information. There is no specific weight for an 8-year-old girl (or a girl of any age). Weight is related to height and body composi... Read More »

I weigh about 223 pounds how can I lose 43 pounds in 4 weeks?

Homeopathic Treatment for Excessive Fat and Weight :-PHYTOLACCA BERRY's Mother Tincture is perhaps the safest and sure fire way of loosing excessive fat around abdomen. With Phytolacca Berry once y... Read More »

How many pounds is a 9-year-old girl supposed to weigh?

There is no particular weight that a 9-year-old girl is supposed to weigh. Weight is related to height and body composition rather than age. For more information about weight in relation to height,... Read More »