In scream, why was Sydney's mom so important She was mentioned in like every movie?

Answer Because she was the driving force behind the killer in every movie except the 4th. Her death also had a huge impact on Sydney's life prior to the events of the film.Spoilers ahead...In the first m... Read More »

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What is Prison Break the Movie rated?

actually they got together in season 6 episode 4 episode.sorry if i am wrong

What is the movie wizards of Waverly place rated?

[Teens]: If your life was turned into a movie, what would it be rated; G, PG, PG-13, or R?

Probably PG...Unless you include my thoughts and my dreams...Then PG-13, haha.(:

Can you rent a rated R movie if you are 16?

There is no law against a 16-year-old renting or watching an R-rated movie. Ratings are provided by the Motion Picture Association of America as recommendations. Most movie theaters follow the guid... Read More »