What should i wear to the premier of Justin Bieber's movie "Never Say Never"?

Answer Dude I spent all day sunday knitting that sweater for you. You said you liked it? Psshh at least metal quality wears his.

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Im on my roof and the latter fell down so i cant get back down. how can iget back down?

jump tuck and roll out of it had that happen to me once hurt like hell when i hit the ground and rolled though must not have landed right

What is the name of the a tv movie from the 70s or 80s about smart boy and a cute girl who solve a crime and she has a crush on him but leaves him at the end because he never pays attention to her?

Right now because it is new it comes on once a week one saturday.

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I never sleep on Sunday because I'm nervous about going back to school?

HiI went through a remarkably similar experience to the one you are. I had social anxiety and would get heart palpitations every Sunday thinking of school the next day, I used to feign illness so I... Read More »