Had to force close movie maker, is there any way to get my project back?

Answer should have asked you if you wanted to open the Autosaved Project when you started it back up, unless that isn't checked in your options.Click on Tools > Options. On the General tab, is t... Read More »

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Survey: What movie brings back childhood memories?

If their going to bring back the baroness in the third movie wouldn't if of made more sense to not?

I'm not sure why they killed off Duke, Maybe they wanted The Rock to take over in the future. As for the Baroness, it could be that she comes back because Duke is now dead & she might feel like she... Read More »

What show or movie was it where there were 3 astronauts that flew to mars and it appeared they went back in time 2 stay and 1 returns to earth Twilight Zone maybe but i remember it being in color HELP?

You might be remembering the original Planet of the Apes (1968).

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