Who sings the sesame street theme song in the movie house arrest?

Answer A band called "Typical"

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From what classic Christmas movie did sesame street duplicate the characters for Burt and Ernie?

How to Make Mulberry Jam?

Mulberries are an unusual berry for many people but if you have trees growing near you, and you can get to them before the birds do, you'll find this jam is absolutely delicious.

What is a mulberry tree?

The mulberry tree, or morus, is a deciduous tree bearing flowers and fruit. It is made up of different species that are similar in appearance. The red mulberry is native to America, but other speci... Read More »

Where do you buy a mulberry tree in Alameda?

I would go to your local nursery and ask them, since you are in California I would imagine they would have themIf you can't find in Alameda go to Walnut Creek there are some good nurseries there