What is more hostile than death!?

Answer Being paralyzed from the neck down

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Hostile abortion postings?

I so agree with you...people here do not have to be so judgemental...its horrible the names people call others...such a shame...I am a pro-choice person, I believe no one should tell another women ... Read More »

What is the meaning of hostile environment?

A hostile work environment can make it hard to come to the office everyday. While there are many degrees of hostility, any type of harassing or intimidating behaviors at work should be reported.Def... Read More »

What is a hostile work environment?

Many of us complain about an annoying coworker or the overbearing boss, but knowing when annoying behavior crosses the line into harassment is important. While there are no laws specifically addre... Read More »

Why is Wikipedia so hostile to experts?

I'd like to quote or paraphrase something I read once on another site, which really drives home the point you're making:Can you imagine a classroom where the professor didn't have any "special priv... Read More »