Is latex fireproof?

Answer By itself, latex is not fireproof. However, when it is added with other products, it can be. Latex is used in fireproof paint, mattresses and other types of furniture. Latex is often a key ingredie... Read More »

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Is fiberglass fireproof?

if you are referring to fiberglass insulation, in modst cases it is. ANSWER: Fiberglass tubs and shower inserts are not. I have read where they are fire resistant but in reality they burn very nice... Read More »

How to Buy a Fireproof Safe?

Buying a fireproof safe is a sound investment for any family or business that wants to store important documents and other important items in a place where they're protected from fire. However, not... Read More »

How to Make Cloth Fireproof?

Making cloth fireproof can be done using chemical mixtures. Although there will be a certain element of fireproofing, don't rely on any of this to save your bacon during a fire. The best precaution... Read More »

What is the longest fireproof safe?

Three hours is the longest UL guaranteed fire safe available. That means that within three hours, the temperature will not go above 125 degrees inside the safe. That temperature is safe for all kin... Read More »