Who plays the lead CIA agent in Burn After Reading?

Answer The CIA was created in 1947 to replace the WWII OSS, as it was now the Cold War, and correct intelligence information was essential in maintaining the security of the US Curiously, it was signed i... Read More »

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Don't you have reasons to be happy about the way you look after reading this ?

you are extremely right. yes it is true that we are used to the mirror image and it is also that as some people are not photogenic, they will like the mirror image and believe in it more

SABC - During a class about burn treatment a student relates a story about using butter to cool a burn. How should you respond?

Butter contains proteins which could encourage infection. You should only cool the burn with water, then keep the tissue moist under a sterile gauze.

In the movie Amadeus (1984) what did the emperor say about Mozart’s music after his first opera performance?

It has been years since I've seen the movie "Amadeus" , but I believe he said something like "too many notes".

What kinds of Cd's do you burn movies on Do you have to have a DVD+r burner to burn a movie?

I recommend that you use DVD+ or - R (or RW) disks. Saving them on DVDs instead of CDs has two advantages.First, DVD disks can hold 5 to 12 times more data than CDs. What's good about that is you d... Read More »