If a movie starts at 4:40 pm and is 107 minutes long, what time will it be over?

Answer It's hard to believe anyone answered this question.

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What do you think about the movie Vertigo bumping off Citizen Cane as the number one movie ever?

I do think Citizen Kane is a great movie, but I much prefer Vertigo. It's one of my favourite movies of all time. I think it's quite honourable to see it get such a critical position, but my view i... Read More »

What is an easy meal that can be made in about 30 minutes?

OléCook 1 lb of ground beef with some onion, add whatever spices you prefer (I like adding Goya seasoning packets, any kind, it gives the meat a nice flavor)Drain the meat and add 2 cans of corn (... Read More »

I get a sharp achy pain in one of my legs when im walking for more than about 5 minutes, what is it?

You didn't list what part of the leg was having the pain, upper or lower? makes a difference in trying to help you out.

I only have about 15 minutes for breakfast in the morning. What are some quick, inexpensive, and HEALTHY foods?

yogurt or fruit or special K ceareal or other healthy cereal or those healthy cereal bars =] whole weat toast with jelly is good too!