What is the most weight lost by a single person on the biggest loser?

Answer Moses this season on the grey team lost 41lbs in week one, that's the most ever lost by a single person in a week.

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How to Figure Out the Percentage of Weight Lost on "The Biggest Loser"?

The weight loss show "The Biggest Loser" follows the stories of a group of obese individuals assisted by professional trainers to lose large amounts of weight. Each contestant competes for the titl... Read More »

Who is your favorite biggest loser person?

How did the contestants lose weight on The Biggest Loser?

Weight Loss on The Biggest Loser They lost all that weight because they are about 350 to 450 in weight. (meaning they are REALLY fat I just didn't want to say it because its really rude) and the gi... Read More »

How much weight did Tara lose on the biggest loser?

Tara lost 155 pounds according to Entertainment Hollywood.