What is the most amount of weight you have ever lost in your life?

Answer I dropped forty pounds from a stomach bug after eating food from a street vendor in the Philippines. It was suggested I get a moonlighting job as a skeleton in the anatomy class of the local med s... Read More »

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What is the heaviest weight you have ever been?

The weight I am now.. but then I am nearly 6 months preggers lol!I currently weigh 9.3 stone (which is about 130 pounds). Normaly I weigh about 7.10 stone (99 pounds) I'm only 5"2 though! =)

What is the most effective weight loss pill you can buy?

On One Hand: Diet and Exercise are NecessaryNo weight loss pill will be more effective than diet and exercise in helping you lose weight and get healthy. Regardless of any other factors, the less c... Read More »

What is the most effective weight loss pill?

On One Hand: Alli Diet PillsThe Alli diet pills have been named the most effective diet pill by Mayo Clinic. Alli diet pills help eliminate the fat in your body. You still need to eat healthy and e... Read More »

What is the most light weight mobility scooter available?

As of August 2010, the Lexis Light is listed as the lightest mobility scooter available. It weighs in at 54 pounds and includes features like a fold-away frame, three-wheel design and the ability t... Read More »