What is the most watched sport on television in America?

Answer According to CNN Money's Fortune magazine, pro football is the most-watched sport on television and NASCAR is a close second. Baseball is the oldest major American sport and soccer is the most popu... Read More »

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What is the most watched sport on tv?

Soccer, or football, is the most watched sport on television worldwide. The single most-watched sporting event in the world was the 2006 FIFA World Cup match between Italy and France, to which 715.... Read More »

What is the number one watched sport on tv?

American football is the No. 1 sport watched in the U.S., on both broadcast and cable television. The National Football League (NFL) takes credit for this statistic. The NFL's Super Bowl XLIII stan... Read More »

Is it possible to be seen/watched/spied on by others like the fbi through my television?

Can entire television shows be watched on youtube?

There are several full episodes of television shows available on YouTube, just as there are a few motion pictures available through the service. CBS in particular has several shows available, inclu... Read More »