Which site is visited the most google or yahoo?

Answer According to which is pretty much a counter which tells which sites are the most popular the top 5 are as follows:1. Yahoo.com2. msn.com3. google.com4. youtube.com5. (formely o... Read More »

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How Can I See Who Has Visited My Site?

If you want to learn more about who is visiting your website you need to use a Web analytics tool to evaluate your visitor statistics. One of the most well known free web analytics tool is "Google ... Read More »

What would happen if you visited a site that is hosting Zeus botnet on your iPad?

nothing, it only attacks windows, not mac, OS X or linux acording to wikipedia

What are your most visited websites?

Does Internet history record the time a site was visited?

Internet browsers not only record what sites were visited, but when they were visited, as well. Some browsers, like Mozilla Firefox 3.5, have the option to clear recent history from a certain poin... Read More »