What nation had the most powerful navy in the world at the time of world war1?

Answer England had the most powerful surface fleet of ships, while Germany had the most powerful submarine fleet. England's surface fleet won out over German submarines.

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What is the most dangerous in the world?

alcohol is the worst drug andloneliness is the worst disease

What do I do about a person on this site who is sending me vicious emails because I didn't pick his answer?

If you know who the person is, then you file a report to And make sure that you put in the subject line urgent/Yahoo Q&A.Sincerely sorry to hear that some psyco is sending you vic... Read More »

What was the most powerful weapon of World War 2?

the weapon that killed the most people in WW2 was artillery then the MG42 because they sat them on the German bunkers on D day and shot almost 97,000,000 bullets OMG sucks to be there at that time

What are the most powerful headphones in the world?