How to Kill a Venomous Spider?

Answer Ugh! Those scary spiders! Keep in mind most spiders are harmless, and should be left alone to keep the bug population from destroying the earth, but some can be dangerous.

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Is a daddy-longlegs venomous?

The name "daddy-longlegs" is used for two different animals: the daddy-longlegs spider, a long-legged spider in the Pholcidae family, and a creature that is related to the spider, commonly called a... Read More »

Are paper wasps venomous?

According to a fact sheet published by the University of California, paper wasps are relatively unaggressive. However, they will sting if their nest is disturbed. Individual female wasps may also s... Read More »

How to Identify a Venomous Snake?

Venomous snakeIf you are very interested in them it's good to be able to tell if they are venomous or not. Even if you see only one of the characteristics of venomous snakes, stay away from them.

Is a daddy longlegs venomous?

There are two different kinds of spider commonly identified as daddy longlegs, one the order Opiliones and the other the family Pholcidae. Of these two, the proper daddy longlegs (Opiliones), which... Read More »