What is the most used credit reporting agency?

Answer The three most commonly used credit reporting agencies used by lenders are Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. Your credit on FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation) scores supported by credit history in accou... Read More »

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What is a consumer credit reporting agency?

A consumer credit report agency is an organization that collects and sells information on the bill-paying habits of individuals. These agencies collect personal and financial data from sources that... Read More »

How to Write a Letter to a Credit Reporting Agency?

Credit reporting agencies don't always have correct information when it comes to your credit records. It can be necessary to notify a credit reporting agency of inaccurate information, confirm vali... Read More »

Which credit reporting agency does Walmart pull?

Walmart credit cards are issued by General Electric Money Bank. The credit report agency Walmart pulls to access consumer financial information is Equifax. Walmart will issue a consumer a credit ca... Read More »

How to Contact a Consumer Credit Reporting Agency?

Whenever you use credit, the lender reports that information to the credit bureau. This includes not only your payment history, but also your personal information. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FC... Read More »