What frequencies or color of light are most likely blocked by those ovens that used glass or other material to contain heat?

Answer In Europe you cannot bye an oven using 110 volts. The word is not only the USA.Actually, most US electric ranges use 220 volts. Microwave ovens and toaster ovens are 110.

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What is the most common color that appears in most of the world's flags?

The color red appears most frequently on flags worldwide, being used in 74 percent of all the world's national flags. White comes in second place with 71 percent and blue comes in third with 50 per... Read More »

What are the most 3 most used languages on xat?

English is also another popular language used

What is the most soothing color?

What is the most popular car color ?

As of 2007, white is the most popular car color in North America. Approximately 19 percent of all cars manufactured each year are white.Source:Cars.comMost Popular