What is the most unusual food you have ever eaten?

Answer I guess the two most unusual things I have ever eaten are octopus jerky and squirrel.I didn't really care for the squirrel--I had it BBQed on a skewer and it was too tough, but the octopus jerky wa... Read More »

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Have you ever eaten anything unusual like horse, what was it like?

I've had alligator, kangaroo and Ostrich. They're all delicious. But you're very clearly into just plain freaky stuff.Explains why your picture's in widescreen.

What's the most unusual food combination you've ever tried?

My mother used to make a chocolate cake that contained saurkraut (pickled cabbage). You'd never guess it from the taste (it just tasted very moist and very rich), but it was huge fun telling guest... Read More »

What's a good unusual food I can try?

If you are not a Indian ( Indians often eat this) Try Crispy Masala Dosa ( Rice pan cake with potato masala stuffed) this is served with varieties of chutney (spicy).Once you eat this you will loo... Read More »

Whats the most unusual type of food u have had?

Monkey hand soup. It's pretty gnarly, especially, if you have never seen it before. It is a rare delicacy in China and it is very expensive. Never in my life would I think that I would ever inge... Read More »