What is the most unusual "ethnic" dish you have tried?

Answer Australian Kangaroo stew...And it was quite tasty!Spanish snails in piquant sauce..annoying to eat, they are really tiny...takes foerever to get them out of the shells!...But the flavour was ok.And... Read More »

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What's the most unusual food combination you've ever tried?

My mother used to make a chocolate cake that contained saurkraut (pickled cabbage). You'd never guess it from the taste (it just tasted very moist and very rich), but it was huge fun telling guest... Read More »

What Ethnic Food that you have never tried but would love to try in the future?

Food from Sri Lanka. I love to check out recipes from around the world online.

What's the most garlicky dish you've ever tried?

Chicken with 40 cloves of garlic.Place 40 (or more - the tradition is 40) fat cloves of garlic, peeled but whole on the base of a Dutch oven (thick bottomed pan). Place a medium sized roasting chic... Read More »

What is the most unusual food you have ever eaten?

I guess the two most unusual things I have ever eaten are octopus jerky and squirrel.I didn't really care for the squirrel--I had it BBQed on a skewer and it was too tough, but the octopus jerky wa... Read More »