What is the most unorthodox method for cooking a turkey - that ACTUALLY works?

Answer My sister does this thing where she debones a turkey, a duckling and a spatchcock (baby chicken). Then she makes a forced meat stuffing, a cous cous stuffing and a rice based stuffing. She places t... Read More »

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Does the "turkey baster" method actually work for lesbians trying to get pregnant and avoiding intercourse?

Isn't a penis just a glorified turkey baster!! As long as the transfer is done quickly then your should have a decent chance of success. She should be tracking her ovulation, either by charting her... Read More »

What is the best whitening toothpaste that actually works ?

Honestly Julie. use Crest 3D white... crest has the best whitening toothpaste on the market... some people find random brands that they get from asia and Europe that work better... btu in north ame... Read More »

What is the BEST FREE antivirus scanner THAT ACTUALLY WORKS?

Which method of cooking vegetables reduces nutrient content the most?

Frying actualy leaves more in but it adds fat. Boiling is the worst because all the nutrients are released into the water. Raw is best.