What movie do you think is the most unique take on its genre?

Answer Hey Maddie :)That sounds like an interesting book :) I watched a movie called 'Kill List' recently and that was rather original. It was a British hitman crime/thriller movie but it was filmed in a ... Read More »

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What is the most unique thing about Oprah Winfrey?

What is the most unique Mochi ice cream flavor you have seen?

When I worked in Japan, they had one made with Yuzu fruit and Umeboshi plum paste, Wild Mountain Yam also

What is the most common color that appears in most of the world's flags?

The color red appears most frequently on flags worldwide, being used in 74 percent of all the world's national flags. White comes in second place with 71 percent and blue comes in third with 50 per... Read More »

What is one of the most unique dishes you've ever had (that you enjoyed), while dining?