What was the last unhealthy food you ate?

Answer The last unhealthy food I've eaten was church's fried chicken,honey butter biscuits and a sweet warm apple pie. I felt so guilty after eating that greasy unhealthy junk, but you know, It's so tasty... Read More »

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How unhealthy is chinese food?

Some chinese food contains MSG a form of a salt which is unhealthy when use in over abundance.

Can I still eat unhealthy food?

"bad food" makes working out just unnecessarily harder for you.Sport will make hungrier anyway,so no problem to eat more than usual,just a healthy mix of proteins,vegetable,fruit and carbs.A banana... Read More »

Is is unhealthy to eat spicy food?

Not unless you have an ulcer. In fact some of the spices are actively good for you. For instance Turmeric is usefull in treating colds, coughs & tonssilitus.Ginger is good for muscular pain.Corrian... Read More »

Why is steak an unhealthy food?

OpinionBecause steak is made with red meat, and red meat is bad for your organs.AnswerIt is not an unheallty food, in moderation. A 3 ounce serving of lean beef contributes just 10% of a 2000 calor... Read More »