What is the most traumatic physical injury you have ever incured ?

Answer Well it was very windy out, and I was walking on solid ice to get to the house, I put my hood up and the next thing I knew I was on the ground with my leg bent under me. I felt my leg pop. Anyway... Read More »

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What was the worst physical injury you have ever received?

OK it was a fine one, my mate showed me his new boots on Easter Weekend, his big new boot met with my front tooth, cracked it, we where out drinking so I thought what the hell even though the nerve... Read More »

Has anyone ever suffered from a Traumatic Brain Injury/Epidural Hematoma?

Your question and story is interesting, but this isn't really the forum for social connections. It's more anonymous. You might try a medical forum or brain injury website.

If you ever had dysarthria after a traumatic brain injury, share your story?

I know someone who has had flaccid dysarthria her entire life. She can't move some of her mouth muscles and because of that, she can't talk and she sometimes drools.She doesn't have any mental prob... Read More »

What is the most physical pain you have ever been in?

stomache hernia surgery old school style. when they used to cut you open like a c-section for guys.