What is the most southern point in the world called?

Answer The South Pole, located in the continent of Antarctica, is the most southern point in the world. Antarctica is the highest, coldest, windiest and driest of all the continents. The Amundsen-Scott So... Read More »

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What percentage of the world's diamonds come from Central& Southern Africa?

Nearly half (49%) of the world's diamonds from come central and southern Africa. Large-scale mines also exist in Canada, Australia, Russia, Brazil and India. Diamonds also have been discovered in A... Read More »

I'm trying to find a website for a bakery I heard of on Rachel Ray's show. It's called "Donna Bell's Southern?

Donna Bells Bake ShopTheatre District / Hell's Kitchen 301 West 49th StreetNew York, NY 10019(212) 582-8463

What is the center point on a balance beam called?

The center point on a balance beam is called the fulcrum. If distances are defined, the weight must be equal on both sides of the fulcrum to achieve balance. However, two uneven weights can be bala... Read More »

What is the point at which detail is lost in a light microscope called?

Resolution in a light microscope defines the smallest distinct point of detail: anything smaller is lost. The wavelength of white light, 0.5 nm, and the lens's numerical aperture limit the resoluti... Read More »