Diet soda that most tastes like regular soda?

Answer Lots of Diet Dr. Peppers here, so I won't argue with that.Coke Zero tastes roughly like a cross between Diet Coke and Coke.

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Best cherry soda sold in the u.s.a.?

I like Cherry 7 Up the best, but that is a personal preference. Where I live, it is not hard to find. Another option is to buy a soda like Sprite, 7 Up, Ginger Ale, Perrier, and the like and add ch... Read More »

Should soda be sold in schools?

K-12 - No. This is a period where we should teach by example. Further, we shouldn't allow for corporate sponsorships here either.College - Yes. It's a matter of free choice.

What is the most disgusting beer sold?

What album has sold the most copies?

Michael Jackson's "Thriller" was the best selling album of all time, according to an Entertainment Weekly article. The album produced seven top-10 singles, including famous songs like "Thriller", "... Read More »