Which record album sold the most ever for one album by a single artist?

Answer Michael Jackson's "Thriller," released in 1982, is the worldwide best selling album of all time, with an estimated 110 million units sold. The Recording Industry Association of America lists "Thril... Read More »

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What album has sold the most copies?

Michael Jackson's "Thriller" was the best selling album of all time, according to an Entertainment Weekly article. The album produced seven top-10 singles, including famous songs like "Thriller", "... Read More »

How Many Copies Of The Thriller Album Were Sold?

Michael Jackson's "Thriller" has sold approximately 65 to 110 million copies worldwide and, as of 2011, is the best-selling album in the United States. "Thriller" was released on November 30, 1982... Read More »

Which American Idol sold the most CD's on there debut album?

Proceedes from a cookie sale totaled 50.50 on 36 boxes sold some boxes sold for 1.25 and some for 1.50 each how many boxes were sold at 1.25?