What is the most alcohol you have ever consumed in one day or night?

Answer I didn't do this myself but I watched a friend down a gallon of vodka and 2 cases of beer. I bet he was hurting in the morning!!!

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I feel starved after taking one or two shots of alcohol, & I eat a lot of food, what can I do to prevent it?

I get that way sometimes.I hear that people who do weed get the munchies, and I always think about that when I get the munchies after heavy alcohol consumption.One night I had four Millers and like... Read More »

Do shots contain alcohol?

Your question implies shots of alcohol (as in doing shots) which in that case would be a very silly question. but if you are using a slang term for injections that would depend on the injection and... Read More »

How many shots in a bottle of alcohol?

A standard shot glass is 1.5 ounces, or about 45 milliliters, in volume. The average bottle of alcohol is 750 milliliters in volume. Therefore, a standard bottle of alcohol contains enough liquid f... Read More »

How many shots of alcohol is safe?

Your threshold is 8 shots, but please don't drink and drive. I hate to see people killed. Absolutely no sympathy for drunk drivers if they die in a crash.