What is the most sensitive alcohol test?

Answer The most sensitive alcohol test, which is the least expensive and easy to use almost anywhere, is the test strip. The test is used to test one's saliva for alcohol content.Source:Nationwide Testing... Read More »

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How long should you not drink alcohol when doing a pre-employment alcohol test?

Alcohol is completely eliminated from a person's system after about ten hours. A person scheduled for a pre-employment alcohol test should stop drinking at least eight hours before the appointed ti... Read More »

How can you test for alcohol in breath?

Testing for alcohol in the breath is common practice if, after administration of field sobriety tests, an officer still has due reason to believe that a driver is intoxicated. There are three main... Read More »

Is there a UA test that can detect alcohol use for more than 48 hrs?

Yes, there is a UA (urinalysis) test to detect alcohol in your system for longer than 48 hours. An EtG (ethyl glucuronide, a by-product of ethanol breakdown) test is valid for up to 80 hours after ... Read More »

How far back can an alcohol test go?

To detect alcohol, one of the following testing methods may be administered-- analyzing urine, blood, breath, hair or saliva samples. Depending upon which testing method is utilized, alcohol use up... Read More »