What is the most secure operating system?

Answer This is my bread and butter; I can tell you with 100% accuracy that OpenBSD is, by far the most secure operating system you can get. I know this from personal experience in my profession, etc.. bu... Read More »

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How to Make the Laptop More Secure Operating System?

Laptop computers will not only need good hardware configuration, but need a secure system, the only way we feel at ease using the computer. The computer system not only to prevent viral infections,... Read More »

How to Install New Operating System Without Having to Reinstall Applications Installed on Previous Operating System?

It really becomes cumbersome and time taking when you want to format [to install a new operating system or want to reinstall the existing operating system] your operating system and you have to ins... Read More »

How to Set up a Secure System?

A computer from a safer computing eraIt seems like recently computers are more and more vulnerable to hacking, viruses, and even the people around the computer. Even with modern anti-virus software... Read More »

How to Build a Secure Computer System?

For a computer system to be secure, it must defend against software threats, store data safely and prevent unauthorized people from accessing data. If you decide to build your own system and you wa... Read More »