What are the top 10 most searched topics on Google?


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In Google/Yahoo, what do you think is the MOST searched for item?

in order here are the top 10 keywords:10. American Idol9. Girls8. Tsunami7. mapquest6. Britney Spears5. Eminem4. eBay3. Yahoo2. Googleand finally...1. Paris Hilton

What was the last thing you searched for on wikipedia?

How Do I Erase What I Searched On Google ?

Are you using IE or FireForx?in IE goto-Tools->Internet Options->Delete Temporary Files, Delete History, Delete Cookies. If you delete these three, no way to return your history. in Firefox goto... Read More »

How do you delete what you have searched on GOOGLE?

internet explorer -tools>> delete browsing historyfirefox -tools>> clear private data