What are the top 10 most searched topics on Google?


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In Google/Yahoo, what do you think is the MOST searched for item?

in order here are the top 10 keywords:10. American Idol9. Girls8. Tsunami7. mapquest6. Britney Spears5. Eminem4. eBay3. Yahoo2. Googleand finally...1. Paris Hilton

Will the ones we searched them in Facebook know we have searched them?

Nope you are Safe to Search they can Not Find Out you Searched for them or even Find Out if you viewed there profile or not there are apps that claim that they can tell you but there fake and dont ... Read More »

Have you ever google searched your own name and found yourself on the net?

Apparently I am Breast stroke swimmer of the year 2006!!!LOL X

Why is that my updated wikipedia page come second to my previously deleted page on the same name when searched?

That's presumably just a quirk of the internal search engine; don't worry about it. No one has any manual control over the internal search engine results, and it doesn't take into article deletions... Read More »