What is the most safest petrol?

Answer Steven L. Beshear (born September 21, 1944) is the Democratic nominee in the 2007 Kentucky gubernatorial election. He is a former member of the Kentucky House of Representatives, a former Attorney ... Read More »

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What Is the VAT on Petrol?

Value Added Tax (VAT) is the European equivalent of sales tax in the United States. Businesses that sell petrol are required to collect VAT on behalf of the government and forward that amount to th... Read More »

Breathed in petrol will i die?

You will die one day but not yet and not because you smelled petrol.Some vehicles have faults that allow them to release a little petrol vapour and it can be quite powerful but not harmful.

Why is petrol still so expensive?

"why is petrol still so expensive?"Tax.Almost 75p in every £ you pay for fuel, is tax.

Can you take a bath in petrol?