What is the most safest petrol?

Answer Steven L. Beshear (born September 21, 1944) is the Democratic nominee in the 2007 Kentucky gubernatorial election. He is a former member of the Kentucky House of Representatives, a former Attorney ... Read More »

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What is the safest, most efficient&friendliest airline?

On One Hand: Southwest AirlinesIf you are looking for the safest airline, Southwest is the answer. According to an article published on in June 2009, Southwest Airlines h... Read More »

What Is the VAT on Petrol?

Value Added Tax (VAT) is the European equivalent of sales tax in the United States. Businesses that sell petrol are required to collect VAT on behalf of the government and forward that amount to th... Read More »

What is the boiling point of petrol?

i think this is an experiment that needs filming and putting on YouTube by your next of kin.

What happens when petrol is put in a diesel enginewill it run?

sure it will run for some time then when it stops will have to open the engine to make it run again