How to Be a More Romantic Woman to a Man?

Answer The key to being Romantic to a man, is knowing exactly how much you want him. If you are unsure, you will never be able to let go and be comfortable enough with him to give him your all. When you w... Read More »

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What's the most romantic thing someone's ever done for you?

I'm not entirely sure this constitutes something romantic, but it was/is very touching to me, so I guess it counts or is close enough.Michelangelo and I had recently finished our first chemotherapy... Read More »

Romantic Things a Woman Can Do for Her Man When He Gets Home From Work?

It may come as a surprise, but men are as interested in romance as women. Particularly after a hard day at work, there are few things on a man's mind more than some quality romantic time with his s... Read More »

What's the most irritating thing some can say to a woman who is TTC?

Mine is "It's just not your time yet. Soon it will be your time." Really? You know that? Then you can tell me why RIGHT NOW is not my time, or the past eight months, and in eight months you are... Read More »

Can anybody tell me Is there such a thing as a good woman driver?

Ha. I am a very good, confident, female truck driver and actually agree with you. The worst drivers on UK roads are, female drivers, 4x4 drivers and ***** that think they are exempt from the rule n... Read More »