What is the most romantic film ever made?

Answer somewhere in time...great generational time shift love story starring the late christopher reeve and jane seymour

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What are the Most Romantic Things a Teen Can Do for His Girlfriend?

Romantic gestures need not be costly, and even the smallest things can go a long way to show you care. Sometimes the least expensive but well thought-out gift will make a big impact, and the receiv... Read More »

What was the first lesbian kiss on television?

There is a Wikipedia page for this, though it does not provide a lot of context. L.A. Law in 1991 was the first to show two women kissing. Relati... Read More »

What episode of Friends has Rachel and Ross's first kiss?

I believe it was in season 2 episode 7 and is called the one where Ross finds out. Hope this helped

How to Be the Most Romantic Boyfriend?

Here's a list of things girls wish their boyfriends would do. Okay guys, here's your chance to be a romantic!